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New Looks~
11 April 2009 posted by John
At last the site's new layout is finally finished. It has taken me quite sometime to actually make an effort changing the layout, experimented with css, a little bit of head scratching, and now here it is - a brand 'new' look... But in the end it feels like nothing has really changed. What actually happened is, the site's hosting was changed recently due to some issues with the previous one, and I thought that it would also be nice to do some sort of site-spring-cleaning as well. The result is as you can see, similar bluish gradient at the top, just slightly shorter, and a widened viewable content area, making some of the quite lengthy articles somehow appear less lengthy... Of course there are some other changes too. The first one is a new commenting system implemented for every article and news entry such as the one you are reading now. Hopefully this will encourage people to give their thoughts, give suggestion, and point out errors. The second one is a contact page for people to give feedbacks regarding other stuff such as site suggestion and bugs reporting. If you do find one, I kindly ask to be informed of it. Among other things, there are some new and old materials laying around but not yet ready for publishing. It is my intent to get back into the drafts and start putting in new materials online as soon as my free time allows me.

Are you new to the site? Although it shouldn't be much a mystery to figure what the site is about, there is actually a page dedicated to do the explaining. It is in the about section if you care to read.