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Box Filtering Java Applet Interactive Demo
18 October 2007, 09:39 AM
This is a page mainly for demonstrating the box filtering algorithm using Java applet, make sure your browser is Java capable and enabled. If you are interested in reading the article for box filtering visit this link and see for yourself. Otherwise just play around with the applet below.

Using the box filtering demo applet
Wait for the applet to load, completion is indicated by seeing a picture similar to one of those from the box filtering article. The 3x3 matrix represent the filtering kernel and has a default setting of no-filtering - everything else is zero except the one in the center. Try clicking on the matrix and change some values using that keyboard, you should be able to see immediate effect of any changes. Negative number is acceptable. Use delete or backspace key to reset a number back to zero.

Your browser does not support Java applet!

Java applet source codes
This applet is consisted of two java files and one image,
- BoxFilter.java
- BoxFilterDemo.java
- la2-nofilter.png

BoxFilter.java is the box filtering implementation, BoxFilterDemo.java is the applet code, and la2-nofilter.png is the image used by the applet.

Read Box Filtering article.
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