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What the hell is this site about?
This is a place where I can put algorithms I had experience using. Everything you can find here will mostly be about algorithm and programming. That said materials here are meant for programmmers to discover algorithms, understand them, and actually applying them, themselves. Although understanding and applying something by one's own effort is far more beneficial than say, a quick copy-pasted solution, most if not all articles will usually be presented with example implementation source code, copy-paste ready. However treat this as a guide and a bridge between your understanding and the algorithm's essence itself. It is obvious that this usually is the case since we computer nerds are far more comfortable with source codes more than mathematical symbols. Often papers discussing algorithms are sometime overly exaggerated in how they are presented. While this is not much of an issue for them mathematicians, it usually is a problem for programmers. There exists a language barrier between the two and the consequences result in poor or downright wrong implementation. One of the goal of this site is to reduce such error by trying to provide sufficient information an actual programmer might appreciate. This however doesn't mean materials found here are error free, and for this I apologize in advance and ask for readers to point this out so the necessary correction can be made. It is also important for the reader to note that this is merely a learning site and provides only learning materials. More experienced reader may find the resources are not up to production environment standard, and by all means they are not meant to be one. Infact whatever you find here is not meant to be production-environment-ready but is rather geared towards providing understanding assistance, more so especially to those who are new with the information they are after. It is however, important to provide information that doesn't sacrifice practicallity over readbility, and it is the webmaster's intent to find a balance between them. The reader will be the judge whether the site's goal including said balance is met. I thank you for actually taking the time reading all of this. Not patronizing, but good reading habit pays off in many ways, including discovering new algorithm :)